Trifecta complete.

As a new Twitter-er, there’s a whole new world of social media and 140 character thoughts to endlessly swipe through. I’m a little late to the bandwagon (Aside: At what point is it no longer considered a bandwagon?), but here’s three things I’ve learned in 24 hours:

  1. No one stands on a table and proclaims to be a “Twitter-er.” No one says that except those who think they’re clever but actually are not. I tweet. Cool, got it.
  2. One hundred forty characters isn’t a lot of space if you want to share a complete thought, tell a good story, or share the lesson you’ve lear
  3. Following is the new friend request/accept.

So now I “follow” people. I told Twitter that I want to see these particular people’s 140 character thoughts. I want a window into their lives. Some of the people I follow are celebrities or writers, and some are just people I’ve had the good fortune to come across in my life. But I also claim to “follow” this dude named Jesus.

If Jesus was a Twitter-er, I’d follow. Click the little button to the right and it turns blue. Quick, easy, painless. But just like the writers or people I just don’t get to hang out with often enough, being a “follower” on Twitter doesn’t really mean much at all. Jesus might appreciate the retweet, but there’s much, much more to him than that. As a Christian, we’re called to know our savior, know the man who is the foundation for the life we claim live, and follow his lead through an uncertain life. That type of following is more than a retweet.

Behind each 140 character message shared by Jesus or otherwise is a set of circumstances, setting, cast, and personal history that shaped that twelve word tweet. Jesus as a person, was a person. And just like there’s no one who would understand you and all that you are through your shared tweets and well-filtered Instagrams, we can’t claim to know our God by giving him a quick retweet and calling it a day. Granted, it’s not like I can call Jesus to catch up and I can hear about that story from his apprenticeship days that shaped his views on issue XYZ, or talk about what we’re struggling with over a pizza. But, he did make himself available – through the cross that gave us a connection to his Holy Spirit, through prayer, and his story recorded forever in scripture. Not to say that meaningful prayer, an understanding of scripture, and authentic connection to Him is easy. It’s time and effort consuming. Then again, so is a real relationship.


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