Why Write?

I think this is a pretty standard resolution for a lot of us millenials. Write, write more, write better, or start writing. Blog, share with the world. It’s easier than ever to make our opinions and thoughts in our heads known. Truthfully, I only really wanted to start a blog when I made my about.me profile that I tried to use as a little more personal attachment to my resume when I was applying for internships two years ago. I had a Facebook and LinkedIn, but nothing else to reach a little trifecta.

A quick rewind, then fast forward. I was the elementary student that was told I could be a great writer. Having graduated college with a number of friends who became teachers, I know two things. One, that compliment was a dime a dozen. But, two, some of the teaching majors I met were the best at inspiring me, even as a twenty one year old, to reach for more and reminded me I had something to give to the world.

So now I have a blog.

To be sure, I have very low expectations for the readership numbers for this stream of consciousness. I don’t intend on pushing this out to my Facebook friends, tweeting (remember, I only have Facebook and LinkedIn), or telling every stranger on the street. Not there’s anything wrong with that. Rather, RightBackPocket is a little more internal for me, a way that I can better use my time and develop my thoughts.

I consume a lot. Food, yes, but also media. Scrolling through my news feed more often than I’m proud of, searching endlessly for new songs, and opening twenty Yahoo articles at once. I’m thankful that there’s still a part of me that wants to produce – not necessarily with a need to share and publicize, but to pause long enough to contribute, or maybe just interrupt the noise. I realized this updating my news feed while driving. Thankfully I didn’t crash. Still a stupid move.

I also realize, that if by chance you end up reading this. You may not like it. You may not identify with it, it may just not click. And that’s great. There’s a million blogs out there for you to read, and one for you to start as well. Or maybe just a journal. Doesn’t matter what you choose as your medium, whether paper or keyboard, or paint or chalk. Produce something. Give that fleeting thought time enough to develop, there’s an off-chance it might turn into something meaningful to you, and just maybe, for someone else as well. I gotten really enthralled with artisan produced goods lately (wallets, reclaimed wood furniture, etc), not just because they’re really cool, but because their makers know they won’t have widespread appeal, but continue on anyway – producing. There’s a good chance you may not like what I write, or it just won’t click. But, to someone out there, it might. And it might change their day. Or life (ok, maybe getting a little carried away there). At minimum, it’s mine – a few words at a time, taking a break from consuming to produce, to give thoughts in my head more than a few seconds of my time.

So write. Produce. (Trifecta.)


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